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Stressless Furniture

Heritage House Furniture is proud to offer Stressless Luxury Furniture. Stressless has built a strong reputation as one of the leading producers of luxury furniture thanks to their commitment to delivering the highest quality products built from the science of comfort.

Heritage House Furniture now carries a full line of expertly crafted and innovatively designed luxury furniture for your home.

About Stressless Luxury Furniture

Investing in furniture is an important decision, and it’s vital to balance quality, comfort, and price. Stressless Luxury Furniture develops every one of their furniture pieces with functionality and comfort in mind. Their innovative design process has resulted in a tremendous range of the highest quality recliners, sofas, dining room sets, and furniture accessories unmatched by other manufacturers.

Stressless Luxury Furniture remains strongly connected to the company’s Nordic roots, starting as a small furniture company in a Norwegian fjord at Sykkylven. Founded by second sons who would not have family inheritance to rely upon, the founders of Stressless were determined to pave the way to their own bright futures through hard work and innovation.


After spending years honing their skills and building furniture in their family’s barn, before long Jens Ekornes, the founder of Stressless Luxury Furniture, had revolutionized the furniture industry around Sykkylven and his legacy continues today.

Stressless Luxury Furniture is an iconic name in Norwegian home décor thanks to the company’s ongoing practice of creating streamlined, beautiful home furniture built for comfort.

Furniture Options Available from Stressless Luxury Furniture

Heritage House Furniture is proud to be a Stressless Luxury Furniture authorized dealer and now carries furniture from the Family, Classic, Urban, and Nature lines. Whether you’re interested in something to complete your home that both you and your children can appreciate or something to make your upscale downtown office more inviting and comfortable, we can help.

The Stressless Luxury Furniture lines available from Heritage House Furniture are built for long- lasting comfort and quality with rich design options to fit any aesthetic taste. Stressless Luxury Furniture recliners have been one of the most popular furniture options available since Ekornes developed the first one in 1971.


Since then, the Stressless Luxury Furniture line of recliners has been a staple of the Norwegian furniture industry, and Heritage House Furniture is proud to offer these fine recliners in a variety of finishes and styles to suit any home. When it comes to sofas, you’ll be hard pressed to find a sofa more streamlined, functional, and comfortable than one from Stressless Luxury Furniture.

The Stressless Luxury Furniture catalog is incredibly diverse, and each piece is made with the same attention to detail and an eye for comfort as the first pieces to leave Sykkylven.

Contact Heritage House Furniture today for more information about the Stressless Luxury Furniture products we now carry.