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3 Ways to Make Your Sofa a Statement Piece

by | June 18, 2019

If you are in the market for a new sofa, you are likely feeling overwhelmed with all the choices out there. You want to stand out from the rest with unique pieces but you may not know what living room furniture complements your style. You won’t get design advice by visiting your local department store. You need a specialty furniture store that not only sells great sofas and couches but also specializes in living room design from A to Z.  

1. Choose Seating to Suit the Size of Your Space

You may have a small living room but this doesn’t mean your furniture has to be. Despite the size of your living space, you may think a sectional sofa is a foregone conclusion. Not so.

Determining the right sectional for the room will depend on the room size as well as complementary pieces you would like to add, such as lamps and side tables, and whether they will all fit comfortably together. Sectionals can definitely be used within a diminutive space, but you have to scale it properly so it does not overpower the whole room, overflow into other spaces, obscure the bottom of your windows, or get in the way of the fireplace.

Accompanying pieces to your sectional must be more visually spare, such as with open legs, thinner frames and glass tops, says Forbes.

2. Let it Stand Out

Keep this one rule in mind when designing your living room decor: If everything is special, then nothing is special. Let one piece become a statement, a focal point of the room if you will, while keeping other elements of the design smaller or less ornate, points out Elle Decor.

You should never fill a room with statement makers because it will seem as though the room is shouting at you. Instead, either choose a sofa in a bold pattern, color or floral design and keep the rest of the decor minimal, or go neutral with the sofa and use accent pieces to spice up the rest of the room, such as with patterned throw pillows, artwork, or elaborately designed rugs. 

3. Mix it Up

Determine what type of piece you have and combine it with its opposite. Is the sofa simple or complicated? Next, juxtapose things to mix it up, such as organic with geometric, busy with simple, dark with light. That’s what adds visual interest to a room.

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