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Has the Sitting Room Gone the Way of the Dinosaur?

by | September 26, 2019

Since the colonial days, Americans have been adding a sitting room onto their homes; in fact, even the smallest of one-room homes usually had a small reception room near the entry door. What began as a parlor to entertain guests as well as showcase the home’s best furnishings began to serve other purposes as the years went on. Drawing rooms, where the owner of the home could go to draw away from guests, fell out of fashion and the term was used to refer to a parlor instead.

Whatever you call it, sitting room, drawing room, parlor, or formal living room has undergone a lot of changes over the years. However, it’s increasingly rare to see a formal sitting room these days.

What happened?

Re-purposed or Removed

With the advent of television and radio, the family’s social center of the home quickly became the living room, where such apparatuses were housed. Meanwhile, however, most homeowners still maintained a sitting room or formal living room where adults could sit, socialize, and maybe share a cocktail without the distractions of children or television.

Beginning in the 1970s and 80s, the sitting room quickly fell out of fashion and into disuse as families and guests alike began to gather in the living room, family room, or kitchen. Builders began to produce homes with the much sought-after open floor plans, rendering a separate sitting room extraneous.

Meanwhile, homeowners with existing sitting rooms often chose to repurpose, transforming them into children’s playrooms, offices, game rooms, and more.

Are Sitting Rooms Obsolete?

Although these open-concept and repurposed rooms seem to be leading to the demise of the formal parlor, interior design experts from Martha Stewart to Kate Wagner believe the sitting room can still be a vital part of modern home design.

In an era where so much of home design stresses openness and togetherness, a sitting room can provide adults with a much-welcomed retreat. Simply include a set of stylish living room furniture and a quality, Amish-crafted occasional table, and enjoy the escape.

If you’ve found another purpose for your formal space, it’s not too late to incorporate a sitting area. Even if your room has been inundated with toys, simply add a quality storage solution, a couple of accent chairs, and a graceful, wooden cocktail table for an adult touch to any playroom.

Your Sitting Room Furniture Answer

No matter your home’s layout, we at Heritage House Furniture believe your home’s furnishings should fit your taste and needs as well as remain in keeping with modern styles. Whether you use your front room as a formal sitting room, a functional office, or something else, we have the classic, Amish-crafted furniture you need. Come in and see our showroom or contact us today.

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