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Time for a Living Room Upgrade? 5 Reasons to Consider Leather Furniture

by | July 7, 2020

Your living room is one of the most prominent rooms of your home whenever you entertain, and you likely use it for relaxing and spending time with loved ones on a regular basis. If you have been thinking about updating your living room, it’s worth it to invest in the highest-quality furniture you can find that will not only look great with your new décor but also provide the comfort and performance you expect.

Leather furniture from Heritage House Furniture is an incredible addition to any home. If you are considering your options when it comes to new living room furniture, there are many benefits in opting for leather furniture:

  1. Leather screams quality and class. Leather furniture has an inherently high-quality appearance, and it leaves an impression on anyone who uses it. Additionally, modern leather working processes can make the leather resistant to cracking and fading over time.

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  1. Leather is comfortable. While upholstered furniture will eventually fall flat from years of repeated use and eventually a piece of leather furniture will be beyond cleaning, leather will outlast other options by a considerable margin. It’s also breathable, so it dissipates heat quickly to remain comfortable in all temperatures.
  2. Leather furniture is incredibly durable. In fact, it can last up to four times longer than other furniture upholstered with fabric. It’s also very easy to clean, typically only requiring a slightly damp cloth to wipe up spills.
  3. Leather retains its appearance. Unlike dyed fabrics, dyed leather absorbs color into the material itself. Even when worn areas appear on leather furniture, the leather will retain its strength and depth of color without the fading typically seen on fabric furniture. You can also have leather professionally recolored to match a new interior décor if you change things up again in the future.

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  1. Leather furniture offers a much better cost of ownership. While some might balk at the price tag on a piece of high-quality leather furniture, the reality is that the higher initial cost translates to a much better long-term cost of ownership than any fabric furniture could ever offer.

These are some of the reasons why so many homeowners are updating their living rooms with fine leather furniture, and it’s a good idea to consider the potential leather furniture could have for your home.

Finding the Right Leather Furniture for Your Living Room

Once you decide to upgrade your living room, you will probably choose a new paint or wall coverings, accents like blinds and curtains, and rearrange things into a new configuration. If you choose to invest in leather furniture, the neutral tones available can work with virtually any interior design you can imagine. Take your time when browsing leather and find a living room set that ties your other design elements together cohesively.

Heritage House Furniture carries an incredible selection of the finest quality leather that will look incredible in any living room. Contact us today for more details about the leather living room furniture we offer.