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Furniture Highlight: Norwalk Furniture

by | July 13, 2020

Heritage House Furniture proudly offers custom furniture as well as furniture manufactured by the most respected and most skilled craftsmen in the industry. Our latest addition to the Heritage House Furniture catalog is Norwalk Furniture, a brand based in Norwalk, Ohio with a rich history and astounding catalog of incredible pieces of furniture. If you’re looking for new furniture for your living room, den, office, or anywhere else in your home, Norwalk Furniture offers an incredible selection.

The Norwalk Furniture Story

Founded in 1902 to 1906 in Toledo, Ohio, Norwalk began with the creators’ vision of providing specialty furniture services, from crafting new furniture to order to professional repairs. Founding partners Charles Edward Gerken and John R. Galpin created what would later be known as Norwalk Furniture as Gerken & Galpin on Washington Street in Toledo. In 1917, the company relocated to Grand Rapids, Ohio, and rebranded to the Maumee Upholstering Company. In 1919, the company moved again, this time to Norwalk. The founding partners incorporated the company and renamed it the Norwalk Upholstering Company.

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The partners continued providing professional upholstery services until World War II when they shifted their factory’s production to materials for the war effort, such as grenade boxes, footlockers, and jungle hammocks. Over the next several decades, the company evolved and began offering furniture delivery, eventually becoming the Norwalk Furniture Corporation in 1965. The company prospered until the 2008 financial collapse, but 12 local families banded together to hold the company together through the financial uncertainty, renaming the company yet again to Norwalk Custom Order Furniture, or simply Norwalk Furniture, and these families retain control of the company today.

Norwalk Design and Philosophy

Today, Norwalk Furniture continues to hold true to the founders’ original vision of creating beautiful furniture that is functional, reliable and built to last. The company has developed numerous cutting-edge practices designed to offer customers better furniture options, such as healthier furniture that features carefully tested materials, fully customizable design options, and a variety of color and pattern options for virtually any piece you can imagine.

Norwalk Furniture offers many different materials and over 500 color and pattern options. They also use sustainable materials and crafting practices, so it’s a furniture purchase you can feel good about making for your home. As a family-owned company with a rich history, Norwalk Furniture remains committed to helping families make their homes more comfortable, healthier, and more enjoyable by providing expertly crafted furniture for every room of the home.

If you are interested in revamping your living room furniture or want to learn more about the Norwalk pieces available from Heritage House Furniture, contact us today for more details.