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Modern Wood Furniture with Traditional Quality

by | September 12, 2019

The modern wood furniture aesthetic is back. To be fair, “back” is a bit of a misnomer; modern design never really went anywhere. From the thin, clean lines of the 1940s and 50s to the curvy, futuristic look of the 1960s and 70s, modern furniture design continues to influence style today. Even the most recent trends – Boho chic and farmhouse – share more with modern design than just a name.

Whether you’re looking to update your entire home with a full-fledged, mid-century modern look, need the perfect dining table to complete your modern aesthetic, or simply want to replace the bedroom set you’ve had since the 1980s, quality Amish furniture is your answer.

Wood Furniture with a Modern Look

While some Amish furniture is handcrafted in the traditional style, modeled after the beautiful wooden pieces of the 19th century, there’s a lot of modern wooden furniture to be found, too. In fact, if you’re looking for it, you’ll see an abundance of strong, clean lines, a variety of woods and finishes with simple, functional beauty.
Modern Amish furniture is handcrafted from high quality solid wood. This means that each piece will last until it, too, becomes an heirloom piece. Whether you prefer modern lines with a more traditional wood, such as quarter-sawn oak, or a completely modern finish like walnut, there’s a quality wooden piece for you.

Modern Means Mixed

Today’s modern design – including its Boho and farmhouse offshoots – is all about choice. There’s no need to stick with clear, Lucite space chairs for today’s modern dining furniture; a sleek, round, wooden table and chairs have every bit of the modern impact with the traditional quality you want in your furniture investment. Similarly, if you forego the ornate bedroom set for a platform bed and matching dresser set, you’ll have added a modern wooden element to your bedroom that won’t disintegrate as do so many pressboard pieces.

Even if you find a more traditional wooden piece you love, simply mix in some metal elements or add a modern side chair. There are very few rules when it comes to modern design, and most of them cease to matter as long as you love your newly updated space. In fact, there’s just one tenet of modern design we believe is a must – if your wooden furniture is handcrafted, beautiful, and sturdy, it (and your design) will stand the test of time.

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