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Modern Living Room Design: Is There Still Room for Your Antiques?

by | October 15, 2019

If you’re shopping for new living room furniture for your first home, you may feel lost when it comes to choosing a design style. It can be easy to feel trapped by “accepted” interior design styles, but it’s vital to let your personal taste shine through with your living room design. Despite the popularity of modern interior design styles, many first-time homebuyers love the timeless look and feel of antiques. Contrary to popular belief, antiques don’t always clash with modern design; sometimes they can blend in stunning and unique ways.

How to Use Antiques in a Modern Living Room Design

“Modern living room design” holds many different definitions to different people, but the common threads tend to involve minimalism, intuitive lighting, and wise use of bold colors. Modern design elements also tend to be very inorganic, grid-based, and somewhat sterilized. Antiques are generally more organic, made of earthy materials like stone, glass, and wood, and stand out for their uniqueness.

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The key to using modern and antique interior design elements together successfully is balance. Ideally, you want to use antique accessories to accentuate modern decoration, or modern accessories to accentuate antique decoration. Showcase items are another fantastic idea for blending the modern with the vintage.

A few examples to consider for your own living room design include:

  • Highlighting antique fixtures and furniture with modern accessories, or vice versa.
  • Adding fabric upholstery with modern prints to antique furniture.
  • Adding a pop of colorful visual interest in an antique-styled room with a piece of modern art.
  • A room full of rustic antiques lit by modern lighting fixtures, which can create a stunning display.
  • Creating showcase-style focal points throughout the room with your antiques.
  • Pairing antique end tables with modern light fixtures, or vice versa.

Remember, there is no “correct” way to design your own living room. If you find any piece, modern or antique, that you truly love, you can find a place for it in your home.

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Tips for the Best Results

As you start experimenting with your living room design, be careful not to turn the space into a museum. Modern furniture and fixtures have a tendency to create a museum look, especially when paired visually with antiques that some might view as museum pieces. The trick to making these two design concepts blend successfully is creating a space that looks as though it has evolved over time, rather than one that was specifically arranged to display your antiques or modern design elements.

Heritage House Furniture carries a wide variety of modern and antique furniture to fit virtually any design preference. If you are interested in updating your living room design and love the idea of blending antiques with modern design elements, we can help. Contact Heritage House Furniture today to learn more about the different types of furniture we have for sale and find out how we can help transform your living room.