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Living Room Lighting: All You Need to Know

by | August 28, 2019

There is no point to having a beautifully designed and arranged living room if you’re sitting in the dark. If you want to illuminate your living room in the most pleasing way possible, you need to consider various factors. Consider the following tips to create the best living room lighting possible.

Make Best Use of Natural Light

Natural light is the best light (when it’s available), but you need to make good use of it for maximum effect. Window accessories like drapes, shades, or shutters can help you customize the natural light level in the living room any time. Mirrors and art pieces that use pale colors can help maximize natural light.

Use a Variety of Living Room Lighting Sources

You don’t want to rely on a single light source for your living room. This could be too much in some cases and not enough in others. Multiple light sources also illuminate the different interior design elements of your living room space more effectively. Layers of light at different levels of the room from different sources tend to create the most dramatic results.

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Add Task Lighting

Task lighting is specialized lighting meant for specific tasks. For example, a light over an armchair for reading in the low light is considered task lighting. Spotlights over shelves, desks, or LED strip lights behind a television are a few more examples of task lighting.

Add Accent Lighting

Accent lighting includes light fixtures aimed at architectural features, artwork, and decorative features inside a space. One of the best ways to use accent lighting is to set light fixtures embedded in walls or ceilings at 30-degree angles above the subjects you want to illuminate.

Add Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting fills in the gaps of your other light types and helps set the mood of the room. One of the more recent trends in ambient lighting is linear architectural recessed light tracks that run throughout an interior space and highlight the angles of the architecture. Wall-washer light sconces, table lamps, and ambient floor lamps can also create beautiful ambient lighting effects.

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Avoid Over-Lighting

While properly lighting a living room requires multiple different types of lights, there is such a thing as too much light. Recessed ceiling lights can look amazing if arranged properly, but too many will make the ceiling look like it’s full of holes. Table lamps can be great accent lighting pieces, but you don’t need a lamp on every table in your living room.

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