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A Guide for Choosing Living Room Colors

by | July 30, 2019

Did you recently notice a new set of living room furniture you love? Could your living room use an update, but you’re not sure how comfortable you are tackling living room design? Whether you’re buying new living room furniture or updating, the colors you choose for your living room have a dramatic impact on the overall aesthetic of the room. This is one of the major gathering places of any home, so it’s worth taking the time to choose colors you’ll love for years to come.

Start With What You Love

Unless you’re renovating a home to resell, you want the home to feel like it’s your own, so there is no real “right” way to color a living room. Start with the colors you love the most; you really don’t need to stick to traditional color schemes or staple color arrangements if you do not want to, but you should try to create a cohesive color palette around your favorite shades.

Remember, seeing paint samples in the store or in a catalog is different than seeing them on your wall. Make sure you request samples of the paints you choose so you can see how they actually look on your walls before buying a whole room’s worth of paint.

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Search for Inspiration

Catalogs, interior design blogs, and television shows about interior design and renovation can be fantastic sources of inspiration. If you’re thinking of colors for your new living room, try to form a complete picture of what you want your living room to look like. Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram can be great sources of inspiration, too, and you can ask friends and family for their suggestions and recommendations.

Make the Most of Lighting

Every home is different, and some colors will be more appealing in different types of light than others. If your living room gets lots of natural light, has large windows, and bright interior lighting, darker shades could work very well. If the opposite is true and your living room is a bit darker, you can enhance the space and make it feel larger with brighter, warmer hues.

Choose Furniture to Match

Once you determine your favorite colors, how to accentuate them, and how to arrange your living room, you’re going to need the right furniture to fit your design. Toledo-area Heritage House Furniture offers a wide range of all types of furniture in various styles. You are certain to find the perfect living room pieces to match the ideal color palette to create a living room design that is truly your own.

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