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Genuine Leather Furniture In Toledo, OH

Leather furniture can be a beautiful addition to any home. The right piece increases comfort and opens the door to countless interior design possibilities. 

Heritage House Furniture is proud to offer a wide selection of leather sofas, leather chairs, ottomans, and full room sets from the leading manufacturer Smith Brothers of Berne.

Why choose leather furniture?

Since the earliest days of civilization, leather has been a highly valued commodity, evolving into many different applications over thousands of years, from animal skins used for warm sleeping places and coverings for early dwellings.

Today, leather remains a leading choice for furniture material, personal accessories, and automobile interiors in luxury vehicles, to name just a few common uses. Leather offers beautiful aesthetics and texture that many people automatically associate with quality and class.

Leather offers beautiful aesthetics and texture that many people automatically associate with quality and class. In addition to its visual appeal, leather offers even more benefits compared to other common furniture materials:

  • Leather furniture is incredibly durable. While primitive tanning practices were reliable and helped preserve leathers for many years, modern tanning methods make leather resistant to cracking, peeling, and sagging. These methods also ensure a classic look and smell that comes as expected with high-quality leather products. Leather couches and sofas usually last four to five times as long as their fabric-covered counterparts.
  • Leather is resistant to fading. Fabric sofas and chairs lose their color over time. Sun exposure and repeated use can eventually cause faded spots, but leather chairs and leather sofas actually soften and appear more inviting over time without losing their coloring. Additionally, it’s possible to dye leather to virtually any shade, and the dye will absorb directly into the leather material, making it resistant to fading.
  • Leather furniture is breathable, making it incredibly comfortable in any type of climate or weather. Other types of furniture may become very cold or very warm depending on interior temperatures, but leather absorbs very little heat from the surrounding air. However, leather can become very warm in direct sunlight.
  • Leather provides exceptional value. Leather couches and chairs may come with more expensive price tags than fabric furniture, but remember that leather sofas and leather chairs will last much longer.
  • Leather furniture is healthier. Unlike fabrics and foam padding found in other types of furniture, leather does not hold moisture, dust, or allergens. Leather can be ideal for people who struggle with seasonal allergies or who want to ensure top air quality for friends, family, and visitors.
  • Leather is timeless and classy. No matter what type of interior design ideas you have for a home or office, leather furniture instantly creates a high-class atmosphere that extolls quality and luxury.

Leather sofas, chairs, and other furniture can create amazing interior designs for virtually any space. While some furniture shoppers may be wary of the higher initial price of some leather pieces, their high quality, durability, and longer lifespan compared to fabric furniture easily makes up the difference. 

If you’re considering new leather furniture for your home or office, Heritage House Furniture in Toledo can help you select the perfect options to make your design ideas into reality.

Make your space more inviting with our selection of Genuine Leather Furniture. We offer top- and full-grain leather furniture from Smith Brothers of Berne.

They have a variety of pieces, each handcrafted and made in the USA. Contact us today, we offers leather sofa set and more to add a warm feel to your home. 

Smith Brothers of Berne has an unmatched record for providing quality leather furniture backed by expert craftsmanship, and we stand by the quality of every Smith Brothers of Berne piece we sell.

Contact Heritage House Furniture for more information about our selection of leather sofa sets, leather chairs, and more.