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3 Spring Interior Design Trends

by | March 29, 2022

This season, the top interior design trends revolve around nature. Earth tones are the top picks for color, and sustainability is still going strong. Stuck in a renovation rut? Picky about furniture upgrades? It’s time to hear what experts have to say about spring 2022’s interior design trends.

Spring 2022 Interior Design Trends


Invite nature inside the home by opting for a biophilic design. This means incorporating outdoor elements — like material and color — in every design aspect. Choose organic, rustic, and sustainable furniture pieces and styles to give your space an upgrade. It has its benefits; natural materials and colors, lighting, and ventilation all provide a calming disposition apart from giving your home a wider, more welcoming appearance.


Curves are forms that are always seen in nature, and integrating furniture pieces with this shape immediately brings your space updated on the current trends. Compared to straight and sedate lines, curves give an impression of softness and safety. For example, change your square windows by adding arched and rounded elements to give your home a much-needed upgrade.


Climate change has pushed many people to opt for high-quality items that are designed and manufactured responsibly. This concept has appeared in many building materials, furniture, and decorating styles. Going for vintage pieces is a sustainable act; you repurpose the old and give them a more modern feel to fit contemporary interior design.

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Color Trends

Neutrals have been given the backseat as of late. Colors that are found in nature dominate this spring. Camel, tan, chocolate brown, brick, terracotta, and caramel are some of the top colors this season.

Greens, yellows, and orange-reds are also fit for this season. Those colors are revitalizing, and the brighter tones will help uplift your space’s ambiance. Forget about an all-white façade within the home, and take your chances with color by bringing the outdoors inside with greenery, sunshine, and colors that resemble citrus fruits, tree bark, or freshly-tilled soil.

Fabric Trends

A variety of patterns and textures are the norm this spring. Try patterned abaca, jute, or rush to quickly modernize furniture. Velvet is also a good choice this spring. Another fabric option that makes your home stand out is tartan. It’s a classic, yet it manages to fit contemporary styles due to variations in color and texture.

Mohair not only makes for visual appeal but also adds texture to furniture pieces. Leather is a timeless material that is very close to this spring’s theme of communing with nature within indoor spaces. Leather is also an excellent way to balance metal details around the home.

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Material Trends

Loyal to the theme of spring and nature, natural materials are very popular this spring. This means we will be looking at plenty of terracotta, marble, clay, stone, travertine, and bronze. The comforting, calmative properties of those organic surfaces bring plenty of soul and depth to a space.

Textured walls also play a role this spring, and you can bring this concept into your space through limewash and Venetian plaster finishes. Those textures also evoke a very organic touch that is quite suitable for this year’s spring theme.

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