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For Immediate Release: Heritage House Furniture Adds Stressless Luxury Furniture Line

by | January 19, 2020

Heritage House Furniture just picked up a luxury furniture line called Stressless Luxury Furniture. Hailing from Sykkylven, Norway, Stressless Luxury Furniture has a solid legacy as one of the best high-quality furniture manufacturers in Scandinavia thanks to their firm commitment to designing innovatively with comfort as the top priority.

The Heritage House Furniture team is proud to add the Stressless Luxury Furniture line to our product catalog. Jennifer Kolinski-Borgstahl, Lead Designer/Sales Manager comments, “We are delighted to offer Stressless Luxury Furniture to the family of Heritage House Furniture customers. These products represent the highest level of Norwegian interior design and are as comfortable as they are beautiful.”

From humble beginnings in the Norwegian fjord town of Sykkylven, Stressless Luxury Furniture grew under the guidance and leadership of founder Jens Ekornes. Today, the Ekornes family continues to guide the Stressless Luxury Furniture brand into the future with the help of Arve Ekornes, Senior Consultant for Stressless Luxury Furniture.

Heritage House Furniture is proud to add Stressless Luxury Furniture selections to our catalog of living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture. With four collection lines including Family, Classic, Urban, and Nature, Stressless Luxury Furniture has something for virtually every taste. Heritage House Furniture are also carrying various accessories made by Stressless Luxury Furniture for complete home décor renewal:

Kolinski-Borgstahl adds, “One of the best things about Stressless Luxury Furniture is the versatility. You can find pieces that fit into virtually any type of décor, whether you prefer a subdued calming look or something bolder to not just fill a space in your home, but also provide lasting comfort.”

The Stressless Luxury Furniture Legacy

Starting with founder Jens Ekornes, the Stressless Luxury Furniture legacy is one committed to providing the highest level of comfort through innovative product design:

“At the end of the day we hang our hats on knowing we are part of a tradition of transforming the way we relax. The designs, the craftsmanship and the attention to detail has evolved and grown to become the most comfortable seating in the world. From our house to yours, we bring you a perfected piece of history.” – Stressless Luxury Furniture

Every piece of furniture made by Stressless Luxury Furniture and added to the Heritage House Furniture inventory was painstakingly crafted with the highest attention to detail, a firm commitment to providing maximum comfort, and the utmost level of aesthetic design. Additionally, customers who purchase Stressless Luxury Furniture products can feel good about their investments not only due to the high quality of every piece, but also the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainable, environmentally responsible production practices:

“Preserving the environment not only protects our past, but also paves the way for our future. A future that deserves the same beauty we were afforded. Ensuring the quality of life for generations ahead is a culmination of small labors and changes coming together on a daily basis to maintain a healthy environment.” – Stressless Luxury Furniture

Stressless Luxury Furniture represents some of the most beautifully crafted furniture to ever leave European shores. The Heritage House Furniture team is proud to enhance our product catalog with Stressless Luxury Furniture living room, bedroom, and dining room pieces. For more information about the Stressless Luxury Furniture items coming to Heritage House Furniture, please contact us today.