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Furniture: A Timeline of Our Life

by | October 8, 2019

Remember back when you first were starting out? Your furniture was most likely cast offs from family and friends. A mish mash of styles and colors to get you started on your first home.

It was romantic.

Your lives together were just beginning and everything felt fresh and new – even if it was old furniture.

Then you bought your first home. You had your first child.

Furniture was bought to be functional, comfortable and most of all, easily cleaned. Little sticky hands, sippy cups that weren’t supposed to leak and the occasional crayons that colored way outside of the lines, mandated tables, chairs and couches that were simple to clean.

It was perfect for your lives with babies and toddlers. A time never to be replaced. However as you moved into the teenage years, it was time to replace your furniture.

Tables that could accommodate your growing family, the kids’ friends that came over and extended family were needed. Couches and chairs that held up from teenagers putting their feet up or lots of kids sitting to play video games were vital.

Your home was a gathering place for their friends, just as you wanted it to be. It held memories of lots of laughs, the occasional argument – they were teens after all -even tears from broken hearts and disappointments.

Suddenly you have an empty nest.

Now is the time to have the style of furniture you want based on simply your likes and desires. It can be traditional, sleek and modern, monochromatic or full of color. You can have want you want.

Use our professional design team to help you to explore all the options that best fit your personal style and passions. This time it gets to be about the two of you. Put your feet up in our showroom and we can help you find the perfect design and furniture that defines this wonderful time.

And you can give your old furniture to your kids as they begin the timeline of furniture in their lives.

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