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Expert Tips for Choosing the Right End Tables for Your Living Room

by | March 19, 2020

When you think of the furniture you need to complete your living room, you probably think of sofas, armchairs, entertainment centers, and coffee tables first. However, end tables are important furniture pieces for a well-put-together living room. As you start brainstorming ways to take your living room design to the next level, consider how end tables would look best in your living room space.

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Choose the Right Size

An end table that’s too large can overpower the seating furniture next to them, and an end table that’s too small is functionally useless and little more than a decorative piece. If you want a functional end table, choose one that comes within about two inches of the arm height of the chair or sofa next to it. The end table shouldn’t extend past the front of the sofa or chair lengthwise.

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Complement Your Other Furniture

If you have furniture like bookcases or TV stands, try to choose end tables made of the same materials or with complimentary color schemes. For example, if you have a large wooden bookcase with drawers at the bottom in your living room, try to find end tables made of the same type of wood with similarly styled smaller drawers to match.

Play with Style Matching

If you want a purely contemporary theme, choose end tables to match. The same goes for traditional themes. However, you can achieve some interesting results by combining traditional and contemporary elements in your living room, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Consider Nesting or C-Shaped End Tables

These options afford you additional functionality when you need it without taking up too much space. A C-shaped end table can nestle right up against a chair or sofa arm for easy access to its contents without being too obtrusive, and nesting tables can extend outward whenever you need extra room for snacks, beverages, or other items you want close at hand.

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Think About Your Expectations

Are you choosing new end tables purely for style, or do you want some additional storage space in your living room? These are important considerations that can help guide you to the best end tables for your living room.

Hopefully these tips can help you determine the best type of end tables for your living room space. While it’s important to match your furniture and create a cohesive design, it’s also possible to have fun and play with design elements that clash in just the right way.

Love Where You Live

Ultimately, you need to find the living room end tables that suit your functionality needs and look great in your space. Heritage House Furniture can help.

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