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How to Design Your Living Room from Scratch

by | August 9, 2019

Your living room is an important focal point of your home. It is often where you entertain guests, as well as wind down to relax at the end of a long workday. As such, it should be comfortable and sophisticated, while also providing a reflection of your own unique character. That’s a lot for one room to convey, which is why many people struggle to furnish and decorate their living rooms, particularly when starting from scratch. Follow these tips to create the communal living space of your dreams. Click now to learn how to design your living room from scratch.

Start with a Solid Plan (Not a Pillow)

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when decorating a space is choosing an accent, such as a pillow, for inspiration. Starting with an accent, however, makes it less likely that you will coordinate all the other elements into a space that you love. Instead, start at a macro level and think of what makes sense in terms of the space – what will you use it for? Will you have a television? How many seats do you need to accommodate family and guests? This will help design a layout that serves both form and function.

Choose the Right Color

Colors evoke feelings, and the undertone (cool or warm) can actually make a difference in your perception of the room itself. Cool-hued blues convey a sense of tranquility, while warmer colors like yellow give a sense of vibrancy. If you want to choose a neutral and bring color in through accents, think about the tone it has – whites and greys are often blue hued, while beiges can be warmer and complement earth tones well.

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Buy Your Couch First

Your couch is a focal point of your living room and is the place where you will all gather to spend quality time. As such, it is worthy of careful consideration. Choosing a couch will require attention to layout (do you have the space for a sectional, or will you require a sofa and a loveseat?) as well as color and mood (will you choose a neutral or an attention-commanding accent?)

Find Statement Pieces, Layer Texture, and Pay Attention to Lighting

Once you purchase your couch, you can begin to “fill in” your living room with texture and statement pieces such as pillows and art. Keep in mind that these should coordinate with your wall color and chosen couch accents. Layer and combine textures in the form of throw blankets and curtains to add comfort, function, and style. Sherpa-style blankets and velvet curtains, for example, are both on-trend and convey a sense of luxury. Consider dimming lights that adjust depending on the purpose of the living room serves (i.e., a game playing space versus a movie-watching space).

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Show Your Personality

Most importantly, your living room is just that – where you live. Don’t forget to let your unique personality shine through. Happy decorating! 

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