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3 Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Coffee Table for Your Living Room

by | March 5, 2020

If you are redecorating your living room or simply want a new accent piece to change things up, coffee table shopping is likely on your list. But, how do you know which coffee table is right for your room and your needs? There are several factors you should consider to make this purchase a little easier and ensure your new coffee table is a perfect fit.

Your Unique Lifestyle

One of the first considerations you should make when buying a new coffee table is what features you need to suit your lifestyle. If you have children, you will want a piece that can take a beating without glass components but with softer, rounded edges that younger kids won’t hurt themselves on.

Perhaps you entertain friends frequently in your living room. In this case, you may need a table with a large enough surface area to present hors d’oeuvres or use for playing games. Coffee tables can also be great for added storage if you live in a small space and need to maximize these features in your furniture.

If your living room is more of a showcase for your decorating style, focus on choosing a beautiful, decorative table.

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Take Dimensions into Account

One thing people often overlook when buying a new coffee table is its height. Choosing one that sits too low or too high creates an uncomfortable feeling in the room and makes the dimensions of all the furniture feel slightly off balance.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a piece that sits at the same height as your sofa cushions. You also want to select a table that doesn’t steal too much attention from your sofa. The pieces should work together to create a focal point in the room.

Designers recommend a coffee table that is about ⅔ the length of the sofa. At this point, you can decide on the shape and width for a coffee table you will love. You will need clearance to move freely around the table, but not so much that it looks like it is floating aimlessly in the middle of the room.

A good way to calculate width is to measure the area between the sofa and your fireplace or TV and then subtract 42 inches.

Find the Perfect Balance

Your ideal coffee table should pull your room together. If your sofa and chairs are lighter, leggier pieces, a heavier center coffee table can make the room feel more grounded. On the other hand, if your seating pieces are heavier, a table with high, thin legs will lighten up that center space. It is all about finding a balance that isn’t too heavy or too light.

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Selecting the best coffee table for your living room can add character to your home, give you extra storage and entertaining space, and make your room feel uniquely yours. Reach out to the design experts at Heritage House Furniture today for assistance in making the perfect choice.