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6 Interesting Facts about Amish-Made Furniture

by | May 11, 2020

Amish-made furniture is one of the most widely sought types of home furniture in the country. While it’s much easier to find and purchase on the eastern side of the country, Amish-made furniture can look incredible in any home anywhere in the country. It’s also built to last using techniques relied upon for generations. Heritage House Furniture is proud to offer authentic Amish-made furniture. You may be interested to know a few interesting facts about this style of furniture that you probably wouldn’t have guessed:

  1. Amish craftsmen prefer using mature woods cultivated over many years. Some of the most popular woods used in Amish furniture making include Walnut, Hickory, Ambrosia, Cherry, Quarter-sawn Oak, and Maple. Amish communities carefully maintain the wood they grow on their lands to ensure it ages enough to achieve maximum hardness. This ultimately leads to much sturdier furniture.
  2. No two pieces of Amish-made furniture are exactly the same. One of the most beautiful things about handcrafted furniture is the slight variations and the appearance of hand-tooling that makes each piece unique. Rest assured that if you purchase a piece of Amish-made furniture, there isn’t another one exactly like it in the entire world.

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  1. Amish craftsmen use a combination of power tools and hand tools. While most people know that the Amish do not use electricity in their homes, but they have taken to using some power tools in their furniture making. However, they do not use battery-powered tools and will only use power tools that run on pneumatic power. Some also use power tools that draw on diesel or gas compressors.
  2. Amish-made furniture does not include any composite materials at all. Amish craftsmen do not use any type of particle board, plastics, or other synthetic materials when they create furniture. Every piece is made from carefully milled, solid, natural wood.
  3. You can have custom-made Amish furniture in your home. Remember, no two pieces of Amish-made furniture are exactly alike, so you’re not limited to the pieces out on our showroom floor if you want something truly your own. Heritage House Furniture customers can not only choose the design of their furniture, but also the type of wood, the finish, and many other features.
  4. Amish-made furniture includes nontoxic and environmentally friendly adhesives. When you purchase Amish-made furniture from Heritage House Furniture, you can feel good knowing that the furniture will not wind up harming the environment due to chemical adhesives. Amish furniture adhesive is food-grade, similar to the adhesive used to manufacture wooden cutting boards.

These are just a few interesting facts that may also make you feel good about your purchase of authentic Amish-made furniture.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home with furniture crafted by professionals using techniques passed down for hundreds of years, contact Heritage House Furniture today to learn more about the Amish-made furniture we have in stock.