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American Leather

American Leather is a custom furniture line that you will be glad to showcase in your well- appointed home.

The superior craftsmanship and functionality of these collections are essential elements of any modern homeowner’s living space. You will be impressed by the attention to detail and technology used to guarantee that your custom pieces are delivered within 30 days of your order.

Your house guests will be impressed by your affinity for stylish design and quality craftsmanship, as they request the contact information for your new furniture designer.

Leather Is Environmentally Friendly

A modern home shouldn’t simply be a showroom for dazzling furniture; it should also feature custom pieces that consider environmental concerns.

American Leather is a leader in sustainable furniture manufacturing practices and a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council.

The processes used in manufacturing these unique pieces of furniture are guaranteed to be environmentally friendly, as indicated by the company’s commitment to this nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable practices in producing furniture.

The framing for furniture made by American Leather is always made from wood that has been cut from sustainable forests.

Not only that, but the cutting-edge technology used in the manufacturing operations produces a minimal amount of scrap wood, which is then reused or recycled.

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Beautiful Colors Are Available

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One of the most stunning features of American Leather furniture is its lovely pigmentation, which complements any home decor style.

This company offers environmentally friendly leather furnishings that are dyed with water-based products. Just as they do with their wood scraps, they recycle all leather scraps or sell them to be used in making smaller leather goods.

On top of that, the luxury is unparalleled. The company chooses its leather from the top 10% of the world’s hides.

The leather artisans and tanneries that it partners with work together to ensure your satisfaction with these top-of-the-line products.

Made With the Environment in Mind

The gorgeous look of these custom furniture pieces is not their only attribute. They are also constructed with soy-based foam cushioning that is available in various densities and firmness.

In a further effort to contribute to the wellness of the environment, this cushioning is completely recyclable. Like the leather and fabric products used in manufacturing this furniture, it is free of flame-retardant products. When you start with one piece of American Leather furniture, it won’t be long until you want more. Luckily for you and your home, production and delivery are guaranteed within 30 days.

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