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Design Is in the Details: How to Accessorize Like a Pro

by | July 17, 2019

When you think of interior design, you probably start imagining paint for the walls, flooring options, and the furniture you’d like to see in the finished room. However, did you take time to think about what types of accessories belong in your newly-redesigned room? You have tremendous potential when it comes to different types of decorative accessories and ways to use them for maximum effect.

Accessory Options

No matter if you’re renovating a bathroom or updating your living room with new décor, the accessories you choose can have a dramatic impact on the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. A few accessories to consider include:

  • Throw pillows. Now that you’ve selected furniture for your interior, a few throw pillows can highlight the colors and textures of your furniture and the rest of the room, creating a comfortable atmosphere with lots of potential for creativity.
  • Light fixtures. The lighting in your home plays a major role in overall aesthetic appeal. Choose light fixtures that fit your taste and flow with the rest of a room. You can also explore sustainable options like environmentally-friendly LED bulbs.
  • Furniture hardware. If your room has any type of dresser, credenza, china closet, or other type of furniture with drawers and doors, the hardware fixtures you choose can create visual interest and tie together with other hardware fixtures in your home.
  • Artwork. Perhaps you have a favorite artist or simply want to hang tasteful posters and photos. Size, colors, framing, lighting, and positioning are crucial considerations to create stunning visual appeal.
  • Drapery and window Treatments. Window treatments, such as drapes, shutters, and blinds, are much more than just ways to keep the sunlight out; they can also impact the air quality and comfort level of a room. Choose fabrics and textures that pop alongside your other design elements, and keep considerations like light blocking and material in mind when selecting any type of window covering.
  • Clocks. A well-made clock (such as a Howard Miller clock) can be functional and fashionable. Whether you want a sleek and modern wall-mounted clock or an antique wooden grandfather clock, any type of clock can be a fantastic visual design element in a room.

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Just like a high-quality outfit, a room isn’t complete without the right accessories. Every room is different, and every property owner has different tastes and different goals for their interior design projects.

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