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5 Signs Your Living Room Needs an Update

by | February 4, 2020

Your living room is meant to be just what it says … a room that you live in. If you find that you aren’t spending much time in the living room with the family or when entertaining, it probably means that it’s time for a remodel.

Poor lighting, uncomfortable furniture, and dated design styles can all affect the overall mood of a room and drive you out of the very place you should be spending most of your awake time in at home.

If any of these five signs apply to you, it may be time to modernize your living room.

Read on…

The Room Feels Depressing

Lighting is one of the most important features of any room. If your living room feels dark and depressing, it means you need to bring in more natural light when possible and improve the indoor lighting you use. Try updating fixtures to more modern styles that can brighten up a dingy room. Have an electrician install dimmer switches on your overhead lighting and wall sconces. This will allow you to brighten things up when you need to and take the lighting down for movie night or relaxing by the fire on a snowy evening.

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Window Treatments Feel Heavy and Dated

One of the main design elements that can date a room is the window treatments. Heavy fabrics and colors that are out of style really have an impact on the room. Updating blinds can also change the feel of the whole room. Replace heavy-feeling drapes with lightweight curtains that maximize the amount of natural light. Be sure to get rid of old dirty or broken blinds and get some newer styles. Visit our custom window treatment page for more information.

You Can’t Remember the Last Update

If you don’t recall the last time you bought a new piece of furniture, or any smaller piece to brighten up your living room, it’s time. Your tastes have probably changed, and even if they haven’t, styles definitely have. If you’re not in the market for a whole new living room, try repainting, adding some new artwork, and new accent items like throw pillows.

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You Entertain Guests in Other Rooms

The living room should be the hub of activity in your home. Recent trends have been leaning toward entertaining in the kitchen area, which often leaves the living room out in the cold. If you always have your company sitting on uncomfortable bar stools for hours on end, it may mean that it’s time to get some comfy living room chairs and move the party over there.

Your Furniture Is Uncomfortable

Comfortable seating is necessary in a living room. If you find that you are getting sore while watching TV, or lying on the couch reading a book, it’s time to find something new. Furniture may appear to be fine, but springs and foam padding under the upholstery break down and wear out over time. This makes the furniture uncomfortable for your family and guests and pushes them out of the room.

New furniture can be the change you need to bring the “living” back into your room.

If any of these five signs that you need a living room upgrade apply to you, reach out to Heritage House Furniture today.

Our designers have the knowledge and design experience to help bring your living room into the 21st century and make it the place where you and your family spend your time at home together.